1. Lighting Engineering
1) Engineering for lighting design

Technical support of overall lighting design is provided through study of light sources such as LED and organic electroluminescence, and their arrangement,examination of specifications.
2) Engineering for lighting facilities and lighting fittings
Strength, durability, weather-resistance and materials used are taken into account in the selection of fittings. Careful thought is also given to the structure and mechanism for strength, stability and ease of maintenance. Overall, we will find the optimal finish in consideration of the environment and scenery.

2. Planning, Production, Installation
1) Planning, Production

Planning, performance, durability, cost, ease of operation and maintenance are all taken into account in the production of dimensionally balanced, high-quality products.
2) Installation
Lighting effect is maximized and demonstrated. The Light Creation staff takes full responsibility for supervision of construction and adjustment in order to secure the safety of the design and structure of the work being created.
3) Maintenance
In order to maintain performance of the work and the lighting environment, regular maintenance is recommended. Requests for consultation regarding modification of lighting design and operation are also accepted

1. Overall management
We understand and manage budgets, schedules and all operational aspects related to light events and exhibitions.

2. Planning and development of performances
Events and exhibitions are planned and developed so as many people as possible can experience the splendor of an environment created with light.

3. Creation, execution
Details of events and exhibitions are studied based on the plan and the required equipment and personnel are secured in order to carry out the event in a prompt, flexible and reliable manner with sufficient consideration given to safety.

1. Studio
Light Creation Workshop have 3 studios for the purpose of providing technical support for lighting design, confirmation of durability and safety and inspection of the work.

2. Measurement and testing equipment
Various types of equipment are available at the studio.

3. Installation and adjustment tools and equipmnent
The studio equipped with various tool and equipment.

4. Standard
All design, fabrication and inspection of lighting hardware is carried out in compliance with JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards), JIL or other recognized standard.